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70 x 100 x 2 cm

Acrylic on Canvas


Fabrizio Dotta is a contemporary emerging artist. He was born in Savona where he creates and produces his paintings.
As a masseur-physiotherapist and olistic therapist, he fixes, on his colourful and passionate canvas, the complexity of emotions and feelings that represent humanity.
Fabrizio entered the art world a couple of years ago, as an self-taught. He is on a continuous expressive research: his experimental art and his different styles are his main inspiration.

As an emerging artist, his paintings portray the complexity of emotions thanks to a particular use of colours and a unique combination of them.
Fabrizio's art has many facets due to a wise and wide choise of materials. His styles embrace different artistic tastes.
His goal is not only to enrich people's environments, but also people's hearts, souls and eyes. His paintings become an experience of interior listening.
Fabrizio's art is capable of awakening most of human senses: sight, touch and hearing. You will be delighted by his artwork.

His gestural painting is what makes his art unique: each touch is a natural physical movement that ends in an amazing and fascinating artistic trait.
His gestural painting becomes the metaphor of dance: during the day, he cures body and mind strain while at night, he frees himself on the canva, giving birth to a color and substance catharsis.

Borderline - Fabrizio Dotta

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